Our mission is to create the ideal environment for entrepreneurs to grow.
Box Office Hub was born out of the drive to solve a personal problem and along the line a business was formed. While trying to build a start-up sometime in 2012, the founder Doyin Adewola was always asked for an office address anytime he tried to sell his services. He responded initially by asking friends if he could share their current offices with them and then contribute to the rental costs, since he could not afford to rent and operate an office all by himself. In the course of these engagements, Box Office Hub was born.
Box Office Hub was created with the aim of giving entrepreneurs an opportunity to study, test and master their market in a conducive environment, cost effective and professional way. Long-term office rent is absorbed and evenly distributed across various startups and SMEs. Common facilities like business support, front desk, office assistants, internet connectivity, security, furniture and fixtures, air conditioning system and power supply are all shared by all businesses co-located in a center. Payments range from daily to annually.
We are revolutionizing working and living communities. Our destination is a not distant future where existing and redundant resources are efficiently put to use to create virtual and physical ecosystems for wealth creation and economic development.
At the core of our co-working model, we have integrated a platform that connects our members and other creative minds to opportunities and solutions with access to mentorship, networking and funding opportunities.

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Box Office Hub Metro Centre Annex

Box Office Hub Metro Center Annex Amb. Albert Osakwe House 1473 Inner Block Street, CBD Abuja Zip Code 900211

Tel. 09090606099


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